Programme 2015

13th January 2015
“Futurefit” – Healthcare for Shropshire – Dr Stephen Williams

10th February 2015
White Elephant Auction

10th March 2015
Behind the Scenes at the Antiques Roadshow – Richard Buttress

14th April 2015
Lady at Sea – Life in the Merchant Navy – Sharla Greenway

16th April 2015
Charity Coffee Morning

12th May 2015
What the Butler Saw – Life in Victorian Times – Patricia Boyd

9th June 2015
Pot Pourri – Evening of Craft and Chat!
Tickets for Birthday Night on Sale

14th July 2015
Passage to India – Life There in the 1950s – Barbara Maitra

11th August 2015
Coffee Evening

8th September 2015
Birthday Night
Admission by Ticket Only
Entertainment by Brian Carrington

13th October 2015
Hosting a Quiz Night – Bob Pace

10th November 2015
Annual General Meeting
Our Finest Hour – Nostalgia from 1914-45 – Ken Ballantyne

8th December 2015
An Evening with the Ukelele Man – John Croft