June 2024

What an inspiration and thought provoking presentation we had at our June meeting from Lydia and Amelia on behalf of Tullis Matson and Nature’s SAFE.  They were very enthusiastic and passionate about their work in the preservation and conservation of our animals, both domestic and in the wild.  The work they undertake includes Artificial Insemination in stallions and freezing semen which is shipped all over the world.  They can also clone animals, which is a massive step in the preservation of rare breeds becoming extinct.   Tullis was unable to attend due to Nature’s SAFE being nominated for Business of the Year Award by Shropshire Chamber of Commerce, but we certainly had a fantastic presentation from Lydia and Amelia.

Our meeting in July is going to be a fun night with handbell ringers from West Midlands Bell Ensemble, where members will be able to have a go.  Wine and nibbles will be served.