October 2023

15 members attended the Shropshire Federation event on 3rd October at Telford Hotel and Spa for a ‘Gladrags and Handbags’ day, which included a very good lunch, an informative talk on pearls and a fashion show during the afternoon.  Our October meeting saw us welcome Ali Hollands who helped us understand our Brain Stress and Resilience – in fact ‘how to empty the bucket’.  She was an excellent speaker who was both informative and humorous.  She gave us a little Hypnotherapy and we all felt more relaxed at the end of the meeting.

Members have the luncheon club outing to Apley Farm Shop to look forward to on 24th October where we are sure to chatter continuously.

At our November meeting we will be enjoying Dance Fitness Gold choreography and seated Pilates to keep us warm and fit during the winter months.