Albric WI 54th Birthday

Albric is due to celebrate its 54th birthday in September, I wonder if we will be able to celebrate in our usual style, dinner, entertainment and being together with our friends. It seems a little unlikely at the moment.

There has been a WI in our village since just after the First World War when the original Albrighton WI was formed. It was an immediate success and membership was so sought after that a waiting list was needed!

In the 1960’s the bright young things coming into the expanding village joined the WI but membership was large and unmanageable so they decided to form a new more modern and lively group and named it Albric. So for several years there were two WIs in the village.

Perhaps inevitably the original group, with an ageing membership was unable to continue and the dynamic Albric grew and flourished.

History unfortunately seems to be repeating itself. Although Albric had a very healthy membership last year of 64 the bright young things are not so young any more. We need an injection of younger women with fresh ideas who want to get together with friends and make a difference. Could that be you?

The WI is a great campaigning organisation and has a lot to offer all age groups. No village is complete without its WI, and definitely not a village as diverse and lively as Albrighton.

When this pandemic is over what would be nicer than celebrating with friends over dinner and entertainment.

Please get in touch using our contact page.

Look forward to meeting you

Carol Forshaw

President Albric WI