May 2022

Our May meeting was very full and interesting, such a lot going on.  We are planning a trip to Hampton Court Castle, a ‘Posh Garden Party’ and of course Albrighton Fayre day all to be organised and enjoyed.  Our Fayre day stall will have our famous WI cakes and preserves for sale and we are planning an ‘Everyone a winner’ game.  A surprise with every prize.

Members voted on this year’s National WI Resolution which is ‘Women and Girls with ASD & ADHD Under-Identified, Under-Diagnosed, Misdiagnosed, Under-Supported’.  The vote was overwhelmingly in favour.  So, look out for more items in the press about this state of affairs as the National WI gets its campaigning voice heard and raises awareness of this condition in Women & Girls.

Dr Javad Hashemi gave us a most interesting talk on the Goodness of King George 111.  History seems to have labelled him as the king who lost the American Colonies and was mad as well.  We learnt this is far from the whole truth.  He reigned for 60 years and was loved by the people.  He was a clever, educated man a patron of the Arts, science, and agriculture, his nickname was Farmer George.         He was devoted to his large family 13 surviving children!  Although he had issues with the lifestyle of his eldest son and heir who he thought was louche.  As to the madness, medical science now knows it was a condition, which Dr Javad told us the name of but I can’t remember. If you know it, please go to our Facebook page and let me know.

We meet on the second Tuesday of the month 7.30pm at The Red House.  See you there.