January 2018

It was good to get back to our WI after the Christmas break especially as the December meeting had to be cancelled due to the snow and ice we had here in Albrighton. There was lots to catch up on and friends to meet.

The Speaker was Viv March whose talk ‘Praise Bee’ was about conserving the Mason Bee, which is a non stinging, non honey producing but very effective pollinating species of bee. Viv is establishing new colonies all over Shropshire and eventually he hopes nationwide.  He is keen that the WI keep an eye on colonies he establishes in their area so that they can be monitored and when doing well the new pupae can be sent to establish more colonies elsewhere.

Looking after our native bees was a WI resolution a few years ago so Albric members are going to do their bit and look after a new nest set up on our local church. We will keep you posted on their progress.

Our February speaker is Nigel Davies on ‘The Inca Trail’.