Programme 2016

12th January 2016
Work of the Red Cross – Eleanor Mason

9th February 2016
The Real “Allo Allo” – John Pitwood

8th March 2016
Births, Deaths and Marriages (Indian Style) – Barbara Maitra

12th April 2016
Childbirth in Tudor Times – Pat Bickford

10th May 2016
Women in Parliament and Suffragettes – Clare Mullin

14th June 2016
Craft and Chat with Members Sharing Hobbies and Ideas

12th July 2016
Wealth Presentation – Paul Humphreys

9th August 2016
Coffee Evening (venue to be confirmed)

13th September 2016
Birthday Night (Members Only)

11th October 2016
Women in Australia in 1700’s – Dianne Mannering

8th November 2016
Donnington Nature Reserve – Ed Andrews

13th December 2016
Christmas with Musical Entertainment