Programme 2012

10th January 2012
Albrighton Trust (Moat and Gardens) – Sandy Jackson

14th February 2012
Woman Walking – Machu Picchu – Julia Baron
“Thank you for inviting me to talk to you about my trek to the Inca Trail in Peru, and thank you for the wonderfully warm welcome you gave me. I have delivered the talk on Peru quite a number of times and it is very much my pleasure to have a captive audience to share my ‘holiday snaps’ with. But I don’t think I have ever had such a warm, receptive and appreciate audience so thank you.”
Julia Baron

13th March 2012
Thomas Telford in Shropshire – Richard Bifield

10th April 2012
The Eidsteddfod – Janet Boult

14th April 2012
Charity Coffee Morning 10.00am to Midday – The Red House, Albrighton
Supporting local charities

8th May 2012
Emotional Freedom Technique (hypnotist) – Ailsa Donaldson

12th June 2012
Hats and Hat Making – Ann Morse-Brown
Tickets on sale for Birthday Night

10th July 2012
Working as a TV Extra – Christine Paterson

14th August 2012
Coffee Evening

11th September 2012
Birthday Night
Admission by Ticket Only

9th October 2012
Now’t as Queer as Folk! – Adrian Williams

13th November 2012
Annual Meeting
Troop Aid – Pam Sutton

11th December 2012
Musical Entertainment – Bel Canto